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Throughout your life, you’ve acquired an estate. Regardless of the size of your estate or the value of your property, creating an estate plan is an important task. Beyond transferring the belongings you have, estate planning offers necessary protection and provisions for your loved ones and yourself.  

Adler Law offers the personalized assistance and legal prowess necessary to help members of the Queens community get their affairs in order. With over 50 years of experience behind us, we are intimately familiar with the process, the included documents, and how to utilize them to accomplish your unique estate planning goals.

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What Does an Estate Plan Do?

An estate plan offers more than a will. It’s comprised of a series of documents that allow you to transfer assets, name guardians for children, appoint powers of attorney, and more. Essentially, whatever matters you can imagine would arise as you age and pass away, our lawyers can help you account for them.

A thorough estate plan can reap many benefits, including:

  • Minimize incurred estate taxes
  • Maximize wealth retention
  • Provide protection for your dependents
  • Prevent familial disputes arising from an incomplete or invalid will
  • Avoid probate
  • Ensure your assets are given to the beneficiaries you choose at the time and manner you deem appropriate

An estate plan establishes protocol for how your assets are handled after you pass. Regardless of your personal wealth, estate planning offers necessary protection and direction for the future of your property, your beneficiaries, and your legacy.

When Do I Need to Start My Estate Plan?

Estate plans are often only created upon retirement, but it’s wise to make one much sooner. These documents remain editable and can be changed as your circumstances shift. Life is unpredictable and drafting an estate plan when you’re young

can spare your family or loved ones from difficult decisions in the future.

Young adults in Queens with few assets and no dependents can begin by appointing a healthcare power of attorney and drafting an advance health directive. As they age, become successful, and maybe start a family, they can continue to include necessary additions to protect their dependents and their wealth.

Early estate planning can help you ensure that your legacy is firmly established should something happen to you. Protect the future of yourself, your family, and your assets with the help of our team.

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