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Plainview is a hamlet on Long Island located in the town of Oyster Bay, Nassau County. Plainview shares a school system with its neighbor Old Bethpage, as well as a library, a fire department and a school district. Plainview receives its law enforcement services from the Second and Eight Precincts of the Nassau County Police Department.

As of the 2010 census, there were 26,217 people living in Plainview, of which 36.5% had minor children living with them and 73% were married couples. With so many households consisting of families and married couples, it's reasonable to understand why estate planning is an important topic for the residents of Plainview.

Estate planning goes far beyond drafting a will; estate planning is the process by which an individual or a family arranges for the transfer of their assets in anticipation of death. A solid estate plan preserves the maximum amount of wealth possible for the beneficiaries while allowing flexibility for the individual prior to his or her death.

Your estate is the total real and personal property that you own prior to the distribution through a will or a trust. Your real property includes real estate and your personal property consists of everything else from life insurance to checking and savings accounts, to household items, jewelry, and other valuables. With estate planning, you decide who gets what property and when, but without an estate plan in place; your assets will be distributed according to New York's laws of intestate succession (dying without a will), and your property may not be distributed the way you would have wanted.

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Plainview Estate Planning & Probate Attorney

At Adler Law, our Plainview estate planning lawyers have over 30 years of experience practicing estate law and serving the residents of Long Island. We frequently help our clients establish wills and trusts as ways to dispose of their wealth. By careful planning, you can continue to prosper during life, while passing your property down to your loved ones with a minimum expense and fuss after you die. Planning your estate may consist of a number of documents including advance directives, insurance, creating a will, a revocable living trust, and making gifts.

In addition to estate planning, our firm provides legal representation to personal representatives such as executors, administrators, and trustees during the administration or probate process. We understand the complexities involved with administration and are here to guide you every step of the way and streamline things as much as possible.

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