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Estate planning is an invaluable legal vehicle that allows you to preserve your wealth and assets and protect the future of your heirs through thoughtful, proactive preparation. Regardless of your age, financial status, or amount of assets you’ve acquired, estate plans are always wise.

Our Bronx estate planning attorneys have over 50 years of experience protecting our clients and accounting for how their belongings will be settled and redistributed in the future.

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When Should I Start My Estate Plan?

The unpredictability of life necessitates forward-thinking estate planning. This process isn’t reserved for the elderly. Rather, it’s an essential tool for everyone. As soon as you’ve accrued some wealth and assets, started a family, or obtained anything of value and personal significance, it’s crucial to take the proper steps to ensure they’re accounted for and protected in the event of an emergency.

Estate plans are flexible, therefore allowing you to revisit and revise them as your needs, property, and life change. Even before you’ve established yourself financially, you can draft an estate plan to appoint a power of attorney and document any healthcare directives you prefer if you’re left unable to communicate your decisions for yourself.

Your estate plan should then be revised after certain events to include:

  • A will when you gain assets and wish to name the rightful successive owner
  • A trust when you have significant property that you wish to protect and account for through a secure account with named beneficiaries to receive the asset upon your death
  • Long-term care decisions, including your preferred homing solution and Medicaid planning

Once established, these documents can be revised should your life change significantly. You may choose to include or exclude additional beneficiaries, change your healthcare preferences, or account for changes in your family structure.

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