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Contested and Uncontested Divorces

If you are considering divorce or are already in the process of divorce, there are many issues that must be addressed before the dissolution of your marriage is completed. Agreeing on child custody, child support, division of marital property and spousal support with a former spouse can be complicated, but a Long Island divorce lawyer can assist you with every aspect of your divorce, whether contested or uncontested.

Adler Law is experienced in assisting families through the divorce process and can provide the caring representation and knowledgeable legal counsel needed to protect your rights and interests.

Estate Planning and Divorce

Our Long Island estate planning attorneys can not only guide you through the divorce process, but can also make sure that your estate plan is altered to fit your new situation. You may have lost assets in a divorce, so you will need to reevaluate the plans for the estate itself.

Additionally, you may have left your former spouse more property in your will than you wish to now, or appointed executors, trustees or guardians, who you would prefer not to be responsible for those rules anymore. We can help you select new fiduciaries and provide for different beneficiaries through the creation of a new will and trust.

Adler Law

We understand that you may be going through an emotionally challenging time in your life, but we can help you with all of your divorce and estate planning needs. Adler Law is a boutique firm that puts clients first. Our skilled attorneys handle all of our clients' cases from start to finish and can personally help you draft a new will and create a new trust.

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