Reduce Your Real Estate Taxes

If you do not challenge your assessment, your real estate taxes will probably increase in order to make up for the tax reductions to those people who do successfully challenged their assessment. Accordingly, you should challenge your assessment now, even if you did so last year. My company, COBRA Consulting Group, will challenge your assessments and you pay no fee if there is no reduction. The fee you do pay, just 50% of first year's savings, is one of the lowest in Nassau County.If you live in Nassau County, the deadline to challenge your 2016 tax assessment is March 1.

Last year, Cobra Consulting was successful in reducing 99% of its clients' taxes for the 2016-17 tax year. Those clients will see their savings in the 2016-17 school tax bill and then the 2017 general tax bill. This year, Cobra Consulting Group can reduce your taxes for 2017-18year by filing a tax grievance for you, but the deadline is March 1st.

Our authorization form and terms and conditions are online at COBRA Consulting Authorization.

Please sign up today so that we can file your challenge before March 1!

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