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Benefits of Probate

Are there any advantages to probate?

When an individual passes away, their estate will often go through the process of probate, which will allow for distribution of property and payment of creditors & taxes. Many people see probate as a negative process because it can be lengthy and a bit costly; however, there are quite a few benefits!

  • The court will validate the will. In order for a will to be admitted, the court must verify that it is valid and in compliance with state law.
  • The estate administrator will be supervised. All actions by the executor will be closely watched by the probate court to ensure that everything is done properly. This will also give greater protection to any heirs or beneficiaries.
  • It is easier to resolve a dispute. The probate court allows for a forum to dispute various issues, such as will contests, guardianship, and conservatorship.
  • Creditors have to file a claim in a limited amount of time. After being given notice, creditors only have a short window in which they can file a claim-a matter of months in most states. A trust, on the other hand, has a statute of limitations for up to a few years.

Is probate right for you?

If you are planning for the future of your estate, then you may be wondering which documents are right for you. Discuss your estate plan and the advantages of probate for your situation with an experienced Long Island probate lawyer from the Law Offices of Steven M. Adler, PLLC. Our legal team will listen to your goals and advise you on the best possible solution.

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