Michael Jackson Estate Administration Issues Heat Up

Most New Yorkers remember Michael Jackson's death in 2009. Jackson left his estate to his mother and three children; since then, Jackson's father and siblings, who were left out of the will, have routinely attempted to intrude into the estate's affairs. New Yorkers can learn from the troubles surrounding the estate administration in the case.

Recently the executors of Jackson's estate released a letter online explaining to fans that they were worried about the singer's mother and his three children. The concern stems from a family feud since Jackson's death. The feud has resulted in three separate law enforcement investigations.

In the latest incident, police responded to a family disturbance at the home of Jackson's mother. Jackson's three children also live there. While the police did not arrest anyone at the time of the incident, officials have indicated that an active battery investigation is ongoing.

According to Jackson's mother's attorney, the police came because some of Jackson's relatives followed, yelled at and then became physical with Jackson's children.

Business associates of Jackson's mother have also warned authorities that certain family members have been emotionally abusing her.

Administrators of Jackson's estate have said they are paying close attention to the situation and will continue to work in the best interests of Jackson's mother and children.

New Yorkers can learn from the Jackson estate situation. Losing a loved one is difficult. It impacts each person differently. Many do not handle the process of settling a loved one's estate following the person's death. Indeed, as evidenced by the Jackson situation, the process can spark animosity and hard feelings between the survivors.

To minimize the adverse impact on surviving friends and family, a person should not only get a properly drafted will, but should also give interested parties notice of its contents so it is easier to accept when the time comes.

Source: USA Today, "Jackson estate expresses concern for singer's kids," July 24, 2012

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