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Online Estate Planning — Is It Worth It?

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Estate planning is an essential process for everyone. Because many feel this type of planning is complex, they may turn to an option that seems “quick and easy” and create their estate plan online. However, those who make an estate plan online should be prepared to get what they paid for.

The Pro of Using Online Estate Planning Services

Using an online estate planning service can benefit individuals looking to plan their end-of-life care. The most significant advantage of this type of planning is it can be more convenient than traditional estate planning methods. Online services don’t require appointments with an attorney, and individuals can keep track of all the documents they need in one place.

Cons of Using Online Estate Planning Services

While convenience is nice, it’s best to feel confident that your estate plan was created correctly.

The primary disadvantage of online estate planning services is that they do not provide legal advice or review the documents you create. Additionally, online estate planning services may not always give you the necessary information to make an informed decision regarding certain matters, such as probate or tax laws. It’s also important to note that some of these services may require additional fees for features such as creating multiple versions of the same document or receiving a physical copy in the mail.

Wills are also legally binding, but you may not receive a legally binding will if you create one online. If your will is considered invalid, your beneficiaries may go through probate or other legal proceedings. Plus, if a will is invalid, your beneficiaries legally do not have to follow your outlined wishes.

We’re Here to Help You Navigate What Comes Your Way

While online estate planning services have one advantage, working with an experienced Long Island estate planning attorney can ensure that your wishes are carried out according to your unique circumstances. If you have questions about using an online service or creating an estate plan, our team at Adler Law is here to help. Let us create a customized estate plan to make you feel confident about your wishes. Contact Adler Law today to schedule a consultation.