What Are the Advantages of Probate?

What Are the Advantages of Probate?

Many of us know that if you die with a will, you estate goes to probate – but do you know exactly what that means? In New York, if you pass away with a valid will and leave assets worth more than $50,000, a Surrogate’s Court will oversee the distribution of those assets, based on your will.

Probate can be a lengthy and somewhat expensive process for your loved ones, depending on the circumstances.

But there are some advantages :

  • The Surrogate’s Court will validate your will
  • It will also monitor the Executor to make sure your heirs are protected
  • It provides a platform for raising and settling disputes
  • And finally, it limits the amount of time creditors have to file a claim against your estate.

If your loved one died with a will, an experienced legal team can help you and your family through the probate process. If you are named as an Executor of an estate, the responsibilities can be overwhelming – from filing court papers and paying debts, to gathering assets and preparing an inventory.

An experienced probate attorney is essential for that process. Adler Law will guide you through probate, make sure you know your responsibilities, and give you solid legal counsel.

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