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How to Get Started

Start Your Estate Plan in Long Island, NY

The Law Offices of Steven M. Adler, PLLC is unique because we value our clients and are dedicated to providing your family with the guidance, protection, and care they deserve for a lifetime. It is important to understand that our firm does things differently than others, which is why clients appreciate our service and love us as much as they do.

Your Personal Family Wealth Planning Session

One of the first steps to getting started is to schedule a Family Wealth Planning Session with an estate planning lawyer, which can be scheduled for any weekday, including evenings. This planning session is an hour and a half long and during this time we focus solely on you and your family. You will receive forms to complete before the meeting, which will help both you and our firm understand your legal and financial situation.

During the meeting, we will review what would happen to your assets and loved ones should something happen to you and we will then discuss what you would like to happen and design a way to get the appropriate estate plan in place as easily and quickly as possible.

How much will it cost to get started?

The fee for this appointment is $500, which can be applied toward your total legal fee should you decide to have us create a comprehensive estate plan for you. The fee may be waived under certain circumstances and your appointment can be held with your credit card number. If you keep the appointment, nothing will be charged on your card unless you choose to complete a comprehensive estate plan with the firm. Your card will also not be charged if you cancel within one week of your appointment and reschedule the appointment within 30 days of canceling. If you cancel and choose not to reschedule, your credit card will be charged the $500 planning fee.

We understand that using your credit card to secure your appointment is unique, but so is the Law Offices of Steven M. Adler, PLLC.

We provide excellent service to families seeking long-term relationships with trusted legal counselors. Because we focus on providing a quality service to our existing clients, we limit the number of new clients our team takes on and only accept referrals from Professional Planning Partners. In light of this selectivity, we must secure your appointment time so that we have enough notice to open the time slot for another waiting family if you are unable to make it.

What to Do Before Your Personal Family Wealth Planning Session

Before your Family Wealth Planning Session, you will need to review the Family Wealth Inventory & Assessment that you will receive by mail or email after scheduling your appointment. The worksheet will need to be returned by mail, email or fax at least three days before your Family Wealth Planning Session. If we do not have the Family Wealth Inventory & Assessment within three days of the Family Wealth Planning Session, the appointment may need to be rescheduled, as we need adequate time to look over your information to prepare for the meeting.

Please call the office at any time if you need help or have questions regarding the worksheet. The purpose of the Family Wealth Inventory & Assessment is to help you focus on the information and questions that are important and necessary to enable us to get your legal and financial matters in order.

Completing the form helps us provide you with the best possible service, and you will need to take the following steps before your appointment:

Additionally, it is important that you provide us with copies of any existing estate planning documents three days prior to your appointment so we can review them before our meeting.

What to Expect at Your Personal Family Wealth Planning Session

Please plan to spend up to one and a half hours with us for your initial meeting. This initial meeting with your Personal Family Lawyer serves the following purposes:

  • To see if there is a good fit between you and your attorney
  • To explain the law as well as what would happen if you passed on with your current (or no) plan

If there is a good fit between our firm and your family and there are specific ways that you would like to alter your current plan, our firm can work with you to create a comprehensive estate plan that is right for your situation.

Reviewing Your Documents

After the creation of your new estate plan, we will review your assets to ensure that they are or will be titled for the best possible protection, and we will then schedule a meeting to have you sign your planning documents roughly four weeks later. Instead of confusing you with legal jargon, we explain your documents in simple terms so that you can understand how your plan will carry out your wishes for the future, even through probate proceedings. Additionally, we will also explain how our firm and your estate plan will protect and care for your family.

After your estate planning documents have been signed, your family will be protected in the ways discussed during our design meeting. Once you sign the planning documents, you have up to 60 days to alter them at no extra charge. While some firms view the document signing as the end of the relationship with a client, to our firm this step is only the beginning.

Updating Your Estate Plan

We understand that your family and assets are constantly changing, and we can make sure your plans are always up-to-date by reviewing them at least every three years at no additional charge. We also keep our clients informed about changes in the law or other changes that affect their families or assets. Additionally, our firm welcomes communication with our clients and never charges for their phone calls, faxes or emails.

If you are interested in an easy and painless estate planning process with a Long Island estate lawyer, contact our team at the Law Offices of Steven M. Adler, PLLC today!