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What Makes the Law Offices of Steven M. Adler, PLLC Unique?

Long Island Business Attorney

You've probably already noticed that we're different from many of our colleagues. We speak differently than most lawyers because we are more like you. The Law Offices of Steven M. Adler, PLLC is staffed with entrepreneurs and business owners first, and we understand what it takes to create a business, build and grow a business and then turn the business into a legacy that forever improves the world.

For you to truly understand how our firm is different, it is important for you to first learn what the experience of working with a traditional lawyer is like. This may seem familiar if you've prepared business entity formation or incorporation documents with an attorney before.

First you will meet with a lawyer who might make the situation seem confusing and complicated. You want to do what is best for your business, so you will nod and answer questions as if you understand everything because you trust that the lawyer is smart and knows what they are doing. In an attempt to work in your business's best interests, you will agree to have the lawyer prepare incorporation documents for you and then sign the documents. After signing the documents you may feel relieved, but what happens next?

You may receive a corporate record binder, take it home, place it on a shelf and never think about incorporating your business again until something happens. Later you may recall that your attorney said something about handling agreements with clients, vendors, lenders or business partners, and you realize you still have open-ended and incomplete agreements that must be addressed.

You may call your lawyer for assistance and guidance, but by the time he or she got around to returning your call you were busy with other things. If you were able to get ahold of your lawyer, you may have later received a bill for $100 for that fifteen minute phone call to ask a few short questions. The frustrating experience likely then discouraged you from seeking further assistance from the lawyer, and so the operating agreements and bylaws are never addressed and completed. This disheartening interaction can leave your business vulnerable to changes to tax laws and other legal guidelines.

The Benefits of Enlisting Exceptional Legal Guidance

Unfortunately, for many people it is not until something significant happens that they realize they are unprepared because their corporate documents are incomplete. When something big happens, such as an employee lawsuit, a client complaint, a vendor dispute, a big tax bill, tax audit, the need to borrow money, the desire to raise capital or your incapacity, or the death of an important partner, you should be confident that your necessary legal documents have been created in such a way that your business can withstand the difficult situation.

Ensuring that your business's legal affairs are in order is just as important as having a successful marketing plan and business model. One of the secrets of successful companies is that they were set up properly from the get-go, which enables them to avoid many issues later on.

The IRS audits incorporated sole proprietors five to seven times more often than it does incorporated business entities. This is because they assume that if your business is set up incorrectly, more likely than not you are also doing your taxes incorrectly. In many cases our clients are also not following proper hiring and firing procedures and have too much, too little, or the wrong type of insurance. In all these situations, the assistance of a knowledgeable Long Island business lawyer can make a world of difference and help you protect your company and assets.

We Help Your Business Grow and Prosper

Unlike other firms, we understand the needs of growing businesses. Our firm understands that you may not need or may not be able to afford in-house General Counsel, but we can provide you with a different kind of counsel that suits your situation. You are busy as you grow and plan for a prosperous business, and we understand your need for easy, convenient and efficient service. Our team knows that you want to make the best decisions for your business and handle all of the details correctly so that you can expand, and that is our goal as well.

At the Law Offices of Steven M. Adler, PLLC we encourage our clients to communicate with us frequently and have practically eliminated the use of time clocks, as we are always available to help our clients.

With our firm, you never have to be afraid to call with a quick question about your documents or legal options. There are also never any surprise charges, because most of the work we do is on a flat-fee or monthly basis that is agreed to in advance.

If you call us with questions, you will get answers right away instead of playing phone tag for hours or days. We can also help you schedule an in-depth legal or strategic call with your personal lawyer when you are both ready to properly handle the call instead of wasting your time with voicemails.

Instead of ending our relationship after your documents are complete, we regularly review your business activities according to the planning level you chose, so that we can be proactive in making any necessary changes. Our actions help ensure new deals are documented, the business moves forward, your ideas are safeguarded, that new employees are properly hired, and that your company is always in order. One day you may need a lawyer and when you do, you'll be glad that our firm is available to provide you with excellent legal counsel to help you handle an unexpected problem.

The Future of Your Business

Our firm is different because we don't just handle your current business matters—we help you build a legacy. We understand that your business is a valuable asset, and we want to make sure it continues to generate wealth for your loved ones in the future.

Eventually you will want to sell your business or pass it on to your children or grandchildren. If your business is built right, it will be created with your exit in mind so that it can at that time continue to generate revenue, help clients and benefit others who come into contact with it. Our goal is to help you create a business that can run without you if you want to go on vacation, retire or pass the business down to family members.

Seek the Assistance of a Long Island Business Lawyer

Building a legacy includes planning for the future. Our firm can help protect you, your family and your business from problems that may arise. We guarantee that if you qualify to meet with us, your fees will be less expensive than the cost your family or business partner will have to repay if you pass on with no plan in place or if you get into a jam without your affairs in order.

Our team has never had a business owner who wanted proper business planning leave our office unable to afford our services. We make creative financing plans available to our clients because we understand that business planning is the foundation for success.

To learn more about the benefits of working with a Long Island business attorney from our firm and to discuss our available financing solutions, contact the Law Offices of Steven M. Adler, PLLC today!