Blog Posts in October, 2014

  • Estate Planning for Single Parents.

    || 24-Oct-2014

    Single parents have a lot to handle--not only do they act as the sole provider of care and emotional support, but they may also be the only financial provider for their children. Here are some of the first things for single parents to consider when coming up with a prudent money plan. 1. Estate planning is your first priority. It's essential to make to make arrangements for your children if ...
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  • The Importance of Estate Planning for Divorcing Parents

    || 8-Oct-2014

    Perhaps no life event imposes a more significant - and urgent - need to update an estate plan than a divorce. A divorce generally causes a radical change in both personal finances and planning objectives; in nearly all cases, both the husband and wife involved in the divorce no longer want the ex-spouse to be a beneficiary of his or her estate plan. If children are involved, the need to protect ...
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