Blog Posts in January, 2013

  • Estate Planning as a Way to Protect Family and Assets

    || 28-Jan-2013

    Thinking about death can be scary for many New Yorkers, which is why many people avoid talking about wills, assets, inheritances and other types of estate planning that have to do with dying. The truth is that not having an estate plan is even scarier. Therefore, instead of thinking of estate planning as a way to deal with death, it is important for people to think of it as a way to preserve ...
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  • Why Drafting a Will Should Be at the Top of the To-Do List

    || 25-Jan-2013

    With many New Yorkers living busy lives, planning for their death may not be as important as shuttling the kids to school or getting ready for that important presentation at work. However, drafting a will or trust is important for protecting assets. A will is helpful in protecting the family. It is a good idea for those with minor children, as it appoints them a legal guardian and sometimes even a ...
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  • Singer's Death Raises Questions About Proper Estate Planning

    || 18-Jan-2013

    On behalf of Law Offices of Steven M. Adler, PLLC posted in Estate Planning on Friday, January 18, 2013. Many Long Island residents would think that the rich and famous would be more likely to have an estate plan in the event of their untimely death. Sadly, this is not always the case. Even when millions of dollars are at stake, many celebrities do not take the time for proper estate planning. ...
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  • How to Talk to Parents and Retirees About Estate Planning

    || 10-Jan-2013

    Many Long Island residents find it difficult to broach the subject of death with their parents or even their own spouses. However, ignoring the seriousness of estate planning will not make things easier in the long run. In fact, it could make matters difficult for survivors who must handle an estate after a loved one's death. That is why discussing wills and trusts with loved ones is ...
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  • When many Long Island residents think of elder abuse, they may think of senior citizens being abused and neglected in nursing homes. However, financial abuse is quite common as well. Many elderly people are vulnerable to scams and deception by those trying to take advantage of their assets. This is why careful estate administration is recommended. Although many senior citizens are exploited by ...
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