Blog Posts in April, 2013

  • Keeping a Child's Spouse Out of the Estate Planning Process

    || 25-Apr-2013

    On behalf of Law Offices of Steven M. Adler, PLLC posted in Estate Planning on Thursday, April 25, 2013. Most New York parents love their adult children, but some do not particularly care for their children's spouses. Sometimes a spouse can cause family disputes, which result in tension and breaks of familial bonds. Therefore, someone in the estate planning process may wish to exclude their ...
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  • Drafting a Will so that Final Wishes are Granted

    || 18-Apr-2013

    Many New Yorkers may have a living will and think they are all set in the event of their death. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. It may be surprising to know that many medical professionals do not even know how to interpret living wills. This can result in a person's final wishes not being granted, which means that drafting a will the right way is necessary if people want their ...
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  • Learn More About Probate Before Attempting to Avoid It

    || 10-Apr-2013

    During the estate planning process, many New Yorkers look at probate as a bad word and something they want to avoid at all costs. They try to avoid wills, which often go through the probate process. This is usually because probate is often thought of as a costly and lengthy process. However, many people are unaware of what probate actually is and what it does upon one's death. Probate is a ...
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  • How to Discuss Drafting a Will with Your New Spouse

    || 5-Apr-2013

    After a New York couple gets married, the focus is typically on the honeymoon and settling down into a new home together. The last thing on their mind is drafting a will. How unromantic is that! Plus, it can sound morbid. Why would two people who are starting their lives together want to discuss death? However, drafting a will is a smart decision. When married couples discuss this together, they ...
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