Blog Posts in 2013

  • How To Pass Along Family Heirlooms Peacefully

    || 31-Dec-2013

    How To Pass Along Family Heirlooms Peacefully A recent Wall Street Journal article noted that boomers and seniors are more interested in passing along family heirlooms and history, leaving a legacy for future generations that extends beyond money. Citing a 2012 survey by Allianz Life Insurance that found 86% of boomers and 74% of Americans aged 72+ said keeping family history alive was the most ...
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  • Consider Your Estate Plan Before You Travel

    || 22-Nov-2013

    We are fast approaching the holidays, when travel is the busiest and careful planning is necessary to nab the best airfare or book that New Year's beach cottage before it slips away. One thing that is probably not on your travel to-do list is estate planning, but it should be so you can travel with peace of mind. Here are some tips to pack away your worries before you board that flight: ...
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  • How To Care for Children With Special Needs Through Estate Planning. For many people, the basics of estate planning are simple enough, but for those families with loved ones who are disabled or have special needs, the estate planning process is more involved - and definitely more critical. The latest statistics show that five percent of minor children have some sort of disability, and the burden ...
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  • We've Moved Our Offices to Jericho

    || 2-Oct-2013

    The Law Offices of Steven M. Adler, PLLC is excited to announce that as of September 30, 2013, we have relocated our offices to 390 North Broadway in Jericho, New York. We are in Suite 200 on the second floor. Only our address has changed - our telephone number and e-mail addresses have stayed the same. Please feel free to stop by and visit us any time you are in the area. Click here to see our ...
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  • How to Get Your Boomerang Kid Off Your Couch!

    || 30-Sep-2013

    How to get Your Boomerang Kid Off Your Couch and Ensure He or She Becomes an Adult You are Proud to Say You Raised. Many A recent Economist article says a "perfect storm" of the poor economy of the past few years, resulting in fewer job prospects for college grads and other young adults has more kids than ever living at home well into adulthood. Many believe, however, that it has a lot ...
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  • Beyond the emotional impact that divorce can have on couples of any age that decide to split, it can have a potentially devastating effect on the retirement plans of those who divorce later in life. Divorce after 50 usually results in a loss of income for both parties, which can mean working longer to fund a single retirement. A recent article at pointed out four common mistakes made by ...
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  • Fiduciary Responsibilities of Executors & Trustees

    || 27-Aug-2013

    In New York, the Surrogate's Court has been established in every county to hear cases involving the affairs of decedents and this includes: the probate of wills, the administration of estates, and trust proceedings. There are specific rules that must be followed by anyone who is appointed as a fiduciary to administer an estate. A fiduciary is someone who has been appointed as an executor, ...
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  • How to Reduce the Risk of Identity Theft When a Loved One Dies A new trend in identity theft - afterlife identity theft - is on the rise, with thieves scouring obituaries for personal information to steal the identities of those who have passed. When you lose a loved one, it is important to take quick action and notify a number of institutions and government agencies about the death to help ...
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  • Why Estate Plan?

    || 19-Jul-2013

    There is one reality every person can count on: one day, they will die. Since the beginning of time, there has been a 100% mortality rate. The question then becomes, how do you want to die? Everyone should care about the legacy they leave behind (defined as "that which is handed down from a predecessor to an ancestor"). Your legacy can include physical assets and nonphysical components ...
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  • Estate Planning and Digital Assets

    || 18-Jul-2013

    In the twenty-first century, we have new assets to protect: digital assets. Digital assets can involve whatever is on your Facebook page, blog or photo sharing site. Digital assets are especially imperative to estate plan for if your job involves graphic design, videography, photography, blogging, etc. Examples of digital assets include (but are not limited to) the following: E-mail accounts ...
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  • Talking to Your Parents about Financial Planning

    || 26-Jun-2013

    Death. Sickness. Accidents. All unpleasant topics, but subjects that affect us all at one point or another. We can either turn a blind eye to them or we can equip ourselves and our families so that when tragedy strikes, we are as prepared as possible. The reality is this: when your parents become incapacitated or die, you will be the one dealing with any financial issues left behind. As a result, ...
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  • 6 Cases When a Trust May Be Better Than a Will

    || 12-Jun-2013

    One of the most basic documents that New York residents may create for their estate plan is a will. All persons should make a will as soon as possible so that they can ensure their assets are distributed as they desire. In some cases, individuals should also create a trust to further safeguard their assets. Here are the top six reasons that a person should make a trust: To Avoid Probate and ...
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  • For Estate Planning, There is No Fix-It-And-Forget-It

    || 20-May-2013

    For Estate Planning, There is No Fix-It-And-Forget-It It's hard to believe that people who spend a lifetime working hard to accumulate wealth spend little or no time planning for what will happen to it after they pass, especially if children are in the picture. Yet a recent Consumer Reports survey tells us that 86% of people have not reviewed or updated our estate documents in the past five ...
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  • Estate Planning at Any Age - Drafting Wills While in College

    || 13-May-2013

    New York college students have plenty of things on their minds with college classes, studying for finals, working, socializing and even managing living away from home. Now experts say that students should add estate planning to their already lengthy to-do lists. So how do will and trusts fit in with finals and why is it so important at this age? The common misconception is that estate planning s ...
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  • Elderly Woman Could Lose Home in Probate Dispute

    || 9-May-2013

    Imagine how New Yorkers would react if the home they lived in for decades was being sold in a probate auction - without their knowledge. That's the battle a 78-year-old woman from Los Angeles, California, is going through after a mix-up at the county office has the woman listed as the renter instead of as the executor of the 92-year-old home. The probate dispute could cause the woman to lose ...
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