Blog Posts in September, 2012

  • Reviewing Trust Options May Benefit New York Residents

    || 26-Sep-2012

    Many readers in New York and elsewhere may have heard of trusts. While the term is familiar, however, many people do not fully understand their benefits, how to set one up or how to conduct trust administration after creating it. In part, the confusion likely stems from the variety of trust options available to individuals. The first thing someone considering a trust needs to consider is his or ...
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  • Selecting a Trustee an Important Trust-Formation Decision

    || 22-Sep-2012

    New Yorkers thinking about setting up a trust have a number of considerations to think through. Perhaps one of the most important estate planning decisions when setting up a trust is who to name as the trustee. A trustee has many duties. Among others, those duties include managing the trust's assets as well as making distributions to beneficiaries. To perform those duties, a trustee needs ...
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  • In some cases, death is just the beginning. After that comes estate administration. Estate administration can take many hours and require countless tough decisions with significant economic and emotional repercussions for the deceased's loved ones. In some cases, however, estate administration can be particularly challenging. New Yorkers may remember the "Queen of Mean," Leona ...
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  • Judge Contests Father's Will

    || 7-Sep-2012

    Under the best of circumstances, the death of a loved one is a difficult thing to experience. When that time also involves probate litigation, it gets harder still. Take, for example, the experience of a judge in New York. The story started when the judge, who is gay, decided to use a surrogate mother in order to have a child with his longtime partner. After the birth of his son, the judge and his ...
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