Blog Posts in October, 2012

  • Homeowners in New York should be aware of issues that can occur when purchasing or refinancing a home. Issues in the title of the home can potentially lead to probate disputes. The name on the title or the way in which the title is held can cause complications when a person listed on the title dies or becomes unable to make decisions. There are two main scenarios in which this can occur. When a ...
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  • National Estate Planning Awareness Week Focuses on Assets

    || 24-Oct-2012

    Oct. 15-21 was National Estate Planning Awareness Week. Many New Yorkers have likely put off estate planning for some reason or another. Whether residents to create a new will or have one updated, now is a good time to think about estate planning. This includes one's assets and how they should be distributed among one's children and other relatives after one has passed away. Any parents ...
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  • Many New York residents dread thinking about it, but we will all die someday. While we are alive, we need to think about where we want our assets to go. Estate planning involves many aspects. It is not just about drafting a will. We need to make sure that our wills are properly executed and that our estates are thoroughly planned to avoid a will contest after we die. Many people fail to create a ...
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  • New Yorkers Need to Know Estate Planning Basics

    || 9-Oct-2012

    Many New Yorkers likely do not know who will inherit their property when they die. Even fewer people probably know what property may pass through a will. And these are just some of the most basic estate planning issues that New Yorkers may encounter. Although the process can be complicated, New Yorkers should plan for what will happen to their property and assets. For one, New Yorkers may be ...
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  • Actor Sherman Hemsley's Estate Mired in Probate Litigation

    || 5-Oct-2012

    Losing a loved one is often hard. It takes an emotional toll, which mulling over their estate only compounds. That is especially true if the recently deceased loved one did not have a will or drafted one under suspicious circumstances. Take, for example, Sherman Hemsley. New York residents likely remember Hemsley of "The Jeffersons" fame. Readers may not know, however, that Hemsley died ...
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