Blog Posts in July, 2012

  • Michael Jackson Estate Administration Issues Heat Up

    || 31-Jul-2012

    Most New Yorkers remember Michael Jackson's death in 2009. Jackson left his estate to his mother and three children; since then, Jackson's father and siblings, who were left out of the will, have routinely attempted to intrude into the estate's affairs. New Yorkers can learn from the troubles surrounding the estate administration in the case. Recently the executors of Jackson's ...
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  • Probate Litigation Ensues After Boxes of Cash Go Missing

    || 25-Jul-2012

    When a loved one dies, the emotional turmoil can be overwhelming. If proper steps are not taken while people are living, then the probate process can just add to the stress of dealing with their deaths. In some cases, distributing property can become so contentious that it leads to a court battle. This is what has happened with one New York family, where questions of fraud have marred the probate ...
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  • Widow, Girlfriend of Artist Engaged in Probate Litigation

    || 11-Jul-2012

    For New Yorkers, drafting a will is an important tool to guarantee a person's property gets distributed in accord with their preferences. When those preferences seemingly change, but the will is kept the same, probate litigation can often occur. That is exactly what appears to have happened in a probate dispute between the widow and girlfriend of deceased artist Thomas Kinkade, who left an ...
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  • Health Care Power of Attorney an Estate-Planning Must

    || 6-Jul-2012

    When New Yorkers prepare for the future, they usually think about a will. However, a will is just the beginning. For example, what happens when a person becomes incapacitated? Who gets to make medical decisions for them? Estate planning can help by setting up a durable power of attorney for health care. Typically, a durable power of attorney for health care will provide directions regarding which ...
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  • When estate planning, an individual testator may discuss his or her plans with family members or friends who be effected by the plans. Let's face it, if you want your sister to care for your children if something were to happen, she may want to know what kind of responsibility they could be accepting. However, overall your estate plans remain private. That is until you pass away. Upon death, ...
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