Blog Posts in October, 2011

  • Davis Family May Avoid Probate Through Strong Estate Plan

    || 29-Oct-2011

    One of the main goals behind estate planning is avoiding probate litigation and often even probate itself. This is true for New York residents as well as others living across the United States. However, there are often other issues that estate planning must also address. One such issue involves how the issue of estate taxes is handled within the probate scheme. The late owner of the Oakland ...
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  • As with most things in life, communication is said to be the key to good estate administration in New York and elsewhere. That starts with the individual who is planning how his or her estate will be distributed. Studies show that less than one third of all individuals have discussed their estate plan with their children. Most professionals involved in the estate administration process recommend ...
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  • Mega Estate Planning: Who Gets Jobs' Billions?

    || 14-Oct-2011

    So much of estate planning in New York and elsewhere is devoted to preparing for a future event which most of us are not all that ecstatic about occurring. Nevertheless, estate planning for wealthy people is a necessary and vital part of a well devised financial scheme. While we are inundated with advice and suggestions for preparation of wills and trusts on a constant basis, the October 5 death ...
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  • Misdeeds by a Fiduciary Alleged Upon Businessman's Death

    || 8-Oct-2011

    In 1936, a young German immigrant opened a restaurant in Ecuador. Decades later, his business had evolved into a chain of 76 supermarkets and shopping malls that was one of the nation's largest corporations and was valued at about $1 billion. Now, following his 2003 death, three of his children are involved in probate litigation over the legal rights to the successful business. The case is a ...
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