Blog Posts in November, 2011

  • A brewing probate dispute may be of interest to many New York. It involves former Penn State Coach Joe Paterno who is, at age 84, still very much alive. But eyebrows were raised when it was announced that Paterno "sold" his home to his to his wife last July for $1. Was it simply a part of normal estate planning? If it was an attempt to protect his house from potential judgments instead, ...
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  • Estate Planning for the Family Farm Can Be Complicated

    || 20-Nov-2011

    Before the Industrial Revolution took full swing in New York, farm inheritances were simple. The family business got passed down from one generation to the next, until industrialization made things a little more complicated. Today, estate planning with a farm can get complex when not all family members are participatory members of the family farm. Dave Goeller of the University of Nebraska has ...
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  • Estate Planning and Retirement Go Hand in Hand

    || 12-Nov-2011

    For those New York residents that are already retired or approaching retirement age, there are a number of important steps to help make the golden years all that they can be. A Michigan financial advisor recently made note of some things to consider. Surely, anyone who has not yet prepared an estate plan should get started. In deciding with whom to confer, a top-selling author suggests that ...
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  • Portability May Complicate Estate Planning

    || 4-Nov-2011

    While the new "portability" provision in estate tax law is considered a plus for many married couples in New York and elsewhere, it comes with both short and long term issues requiring careful consideration. Basically, portability allows surviving spouses to benefit from any unused portion of the estate or gift tax exemptions of their last deceased spouse. The idea behind it was to ...
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